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Bubba Kush Pre Rolled Joints

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  • Type: Indica based pre-rolled joint
  • Genetics: OG Kush and Bubble Gum
  • THC: 18-30%
  • Dosage: Each joint contains 1.5 gm of marijuana buds approximately
  • Aroma: Sweet hashish aroma
  • Packaging: A combination of twist top containers and sealed bags, depending on the volume of the product, double vacuum sealed before shipping.
  • Storage: Please store in a cold, dry, and airtight container.
  • Effects: Tranquilizing cerebral dose and a relaxing body high
  • Heals Stress, pain, insomnia
  • High Duration: around 2-3 hours
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Product Description

Bubba Kush Pre Rolled Joints

Bubba Kush Pre Rolled Joints is one of the most popular pre-rolled cannabis products available in the market for cannabis consumers. It is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana joint that contains around 1.5 gm of cannabis bud in a single joint. This joint has been made with the finest quality collection of the Bubba Kush joint. This one has basically been derived from the epic cross of OG Kush and Bubble Gum.

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The THC composition of this joint is around 18-30% on an average along with some minimal trace of CBD and CBN composition. Due to the high rate of THC, it may cause some kind of tranquilizing cerebral high and also a pretty good body numbing buzz. This joint has some sweet hashish aroma. This strain is also quite capable to leave you happy, euphoric, and uplifted. People, who are looking for some kind of long-lasting quality high. This strain can be a perfect choice for them as it allows the stoners to have a long-lasting body numbing high for around 2-3 hours on an average depending on the volume of this product. colorado edibles order online Besides, each of the joints is made with the best quality, slow-burning rolling papers to provide you with a smooth smoking experience. Just like any other hybrid marijuana strain. This one is also quite capable to heal various medical problems including anxiety, anorexia, vomiting, appetite disorder, insomnia. Please store this joint in a cold, dry, and airtight container for the best longevity of your order.


Bubba Kush Pre Rolled Joints is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana joint and is demanding among the experienced cannabis consumers. Due to the prominent Indica lineage, most of the experienced stoners prefer to have this joint.
like any other hybrid marijuana joint is preference of many medical marijuana patients.
  • Therefore Bubba Kush Pre Rolled Joint can be a great organic remedy to kill the cancer cells in your body.
  • As a result People, who are going through some long-term sleepless nights, can find a quality relief with this strain.
  • consequently many stoners use it for their remedy
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10 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams), 20 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams), 30 Pre-rolls(1.5Grams)


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