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  • Type: Indica
  • Level of THC content: Up to 15%
  • Medical effects: Best for treating insomnia, anxiety, pain, migraines, and depression
  • Feelings: Provides a sleepy feeling
  • Smell: Mango mixed with a musty basement
  • Duration: Generally two hours
  • Similar strain: Afghani
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Buy Afghan Kush online

buy Afghan Kush online It’s one of the most popular marijuana strains. In it, the level of THC content is 15%. It comes with a taste that is medicinal and provides dramatic effect is helping an individual to get rid of the pain. People who are in search of a marijuana strain that can help them to get rid of stress, depression, and insomnia can buy Afghan Kush online. Afghan Kush is also know as “Afghan OG”. It is an Indica strain which has come from ‘Hindu Kush’ mountain range. It is under the classification of easy-to-grow marijuana strain and has gained popularity for its ability to provide the stereotypical body effects. Generally, the users are able to enjoy this effect for 2 to 3 hours. This particular strain is harvested with the intention of gaining a higher count of hashish. The plant is sturdy and has light color nugs and resinous trichomes. The buds can be found with a cover of red or dark orange colored hair. Along with the THC level, the CBD level in this product is high and delivers good medical effects. The aroma that it has is like a mango orange farm with a pinch of funky odor. It doesn’t come with a harsh taste. It comes with a bland and fruity taste and helps the users to feel sleepy. Due to this effect, this strain is considered as a good product to be used by the patients, suffering from insomnia. It is also good for treating anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain. If you are suffering from any of these complications, you can consider using this strain. With this tore it’s possible for you to access the highest quality of marijuana. Buy weed online, Buy moonrocks onlineBuy shatter online, buy hash oil online, buy weed wax online, buy cannabis oil online, buy marijuana edibles online,buy Afghan Kush online.

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