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If you Buy AK-47 Marijuana online from Brian Cannabis Dispensaryis a perfect hybrid being formed with the cross of a Sativa-dominant and an Indica-dominant. Due to the properties of both the powerful strains this hybrid flower has along staying effect. This has a mixed genetic lineage of Colombian, Mexican, Afghani, and Thai plants. An accidental discovery has made the element a highly effective medical component for muscle relaxation and stimulating appetite. The presence of Sativa-dominant strain in it keeps it from getting too high on Euphoria. Instead, it releases a happy and relaxing feeling in the overall mind and the body.

               One of the best Strains used by breeders

Despite the ferocious name, AK-47 is known for its relaxing and mellow high. Its long cerebral buzz will help alleviate and induce relaxation. AK-47 has a creative effect on patients and is best suit for patients who suffer with mood disorders, pain, PTSD and anxiety.
In some ways, AK 47 is a really confusing weed. First of all, it’s a completely different strain. Secondly, it’s an Indica-dominant Hybrid whose effects are primarily cerebral. Regardless, it’s an enjoyable strain, descend from Ice and Jock Horror, and it’s reasonably powerful at 17-20% THC. Upon consuming this marijuana, enthusiasts will notice a powerful, focused headrush, combined with notably strong visual effects. It’s a provocative mental state, and it’s motivating more than it is tranquilizing. This weed makes people want to get up and do things. Although it’s relaxing, and to some extent euphoric, it’s definitely not tranquilizing. Eventually, though, the Indica genetics make themselves known in the form of a pretty significant appetite boost. This is a marijuanamade for exploring the world and eating some of its contents. Vape cartridges of this strain are currently unavailable, but shatter can be buy from various retailers. For everyday use, Blue Dragon is great for those who want to experience a tingly body high and euphoria, or wish to treat mild headaches
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