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  • Rating: 8.7
  • Genetics: OG Kush x Bubble Gum
  • Type: An Indica hybrid
  • The level of THC content: 17%-23%
  • The level of CBD content: .15 – .4%
  • Appearance: It is visually attractive. It comes with an abundance of trichomes and short skinny red hairs. Also, it comes with a tight resin coated buds.
  • Smell: Very musky and sweet
  • Taste: Has a great Kush taste which is sweet and earthy
  • Feelings that it provides: Provides a relaxing body high.
  • Duration: The effect can be enjoyed for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Similar Strains: OG Kush, G -13 and MK Ultra.
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Product Description

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Here, at this dispensary, you are offered to Buy Bubba Kush Pre-Rolled Joints. It is an Indica marijuana strain that offers a number of medical benefits. People who are looking for a strain that can help them to get rid of pain, stress, insomnia can consider using this strain. Prior to 1998, Buy Bubba Kush Pre-Rolled Joints. This powerful Indica has the quality to ease your body and mind. By providing the users with a euphoric effect, it helps them to feel relaxed. In it, the average THC content is floating between 14-22%. For the marijuana patients, it is extremely helpful. If you are searching for a strain that will provide you with a sweet smoke and will also be able to make you feel relaxed, then Bubba Kush is the ideal strain for you. Though the genetic history of this strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush Mountains, yet the complete history is still unknown due to the poor documentation. As it is nearly a 100% Indica, by making the consumption of it you will experience a relaxing high that will leave you to couch locked. Now, you can buy Bubba Kush online. There are many patients who consume it due to its ability to alleviate insomnia, stress, depression, and/or ADD/ADHD. But, users need to remember that this strain is not perfect for using at daytime. It comes with an earthy and sweet taste accompanied by a piney scent. It has vivid green and purple buds that are coated in amber hairs. The abundance of trichomes that it has makes it as sticky as the bubble gums.

The experience that the users can enjoy by making the consumption of Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is one of the most popular Indica strains. As it is nearly a 100% Indica, it is able to deliver strong and sleepy effects. After a puff or two, you will be able to experience an easeful feeling. It will make you gain relief from muscle tension and make you feel happy, euphoric and relaxed. People who are suffering from stress can make the consumption of it as it has the quality to make an individual get rid of stress and worry. Thanks to the Indica properties that it has. It is great for making the users get relief from chronic aches and pain that is caused by multiple sclerosis or cancer. Also, it is great for those who are suffering from insomnia. People who are suffering from stress disorder can consider using it as evening medication. And, due to its hunger-inducing attribute, its effective for those who are suffering from nausea, vomiting, and anorexia. You are offered to buy Bubba Kush online.

Medical benefits that Bubba Kush offers

This strain has gained this much popularity for its ability to help medical marijuana patients.
  • Strong Indica effects make this strain a great choice for the patients suffering from cancer and HIV/AIDS
  • High level of THC content stimulates appetite and helps the users to get relief from pain
  • The potent sedative effect makes this strain a perfect choice for getting rid of insomnia
  • This is a perfect product for using at night-time. It has the ability to leave the users stuck on the couch.
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