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  • $300.00$2,250.00
  • Rating: 9.8
  • Type: Indica
  • The level of THC content: 22% – 25%
  • Appearance: Mall thick nuggets that are dark or light green. It is covered in nice trichomes.
  • Smell: Has the OG Kush smell that is musky with a hint of sweetness
  • Medical effects: Can be used for treating insomnia
  • Delivered feelings: provides the users with a well-balanced body and cerebral high.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
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Product Description

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Here, you are offer to buy Kosher Kush online. It’s a sedative Indica flower that comes with a pungent lemon aroma. It is an excellent choice for pain and sleep management. It is recommend to use at night-time. This potent Indica was bred by DNA genetics in California. This strain has become a favorite among the individuals who are suffering from insomnia as it has the ability to make the users get a deep sleep. Kosher Kush has gain this much popularity for its enticing flavor and high potent ingredients. But, this is not the only matter that makes this strain famous. Kosher Kush is the only strain that has been bless by Rabbi. Also, it has got the award of the High Times Indica Cup in the year of 2010 and 2011. The strong aroma that this strain provides helps the user to attain a complete body relaxation. Also, you can use it for acquiring relief from stress.  Many smokers have reported it as a great product for reducing depression. We are offering you to buy Kosher Kush online.

The experience that the users of Kosher Kush can enjoy

This marijuana strain is fast acting and heavy hitting. Because this flower that provides the users with euphoric effect has a reputation for inspiring giggles and heavy eyelids. As this calming strain delivers sedative effects, it’s advise to use at night-time. As it is an Indica product, it delivers body effects. It has the ability to provide the heavy melting effect. People who want to feel happy and euphoric by making the consumption of a strain can consider using it.  It inspires a deep relaxation and a positive sense of well-being. Weed enthusiasts can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways.
  • Because the pens of this strain are available from select brands, including Gold Drop and PAX.
  • Also,  Kosher Kush shatter, Kosher Kush wax and other concentrates are also available.
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