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Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  • The chocolate chip cookies has the cannabis infused coconut oil
  • The THC Content is derived from the cannabis infused coconut oil
  • Necessary packaging materials are used for preserving the products
  • The cookies can also be enjoyed by the Vegans
  • Enjoy the mouth-watering flavor of chocolate chip
  • The cookies can be enjoyed with a cup of milk or canna-tea
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Product Description

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies worldwide

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies worldwide .There  are loved by people of all ages due to its chocolaty taste and goodness. The other key and healthy ingredients used in making the products include – semi sweet chocolate chip, vanilla extract, and other elements.   Can a cookie be comfort food?These are 50 mg cookies so don’t overindulge! If you are new to edibles we recommend starting with maximum 1/2 a cookie then wait at least an hour to see what effect you are getting. Edibles take longer to get into your system than smoking!

Buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies worldwide

DOSE: because 50 mg activated cannabinoids PROFILE: THC dominant – 50.9 mg activated THC, 0.43 mg activated CBD, 3.2 mg other cannabanoids (CBG, CBN, CBC) INGREDIENTS:  because old fashioned oats, all purpose flour, brown sugar, butter, eggs, sunflower seeds, vanilla, salt, water, raisins Buy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies worldwide,Order Cannabis cookies online, mail order cannabis cookies,buy marijuana online.weed for sale, buy weed online, marijuana for sale, order weed online, buy cannabis online, cannabis for sale.weed for sale online, buy real weed online, order real marijuana online, get marijuana online, buy cannabis. online weed shops, online weed shop, buy recreational weed online, how to buy weed online.ordering weed online, buy weed cheap online, buy marijuana online UK, buy Cannabis oil online Uk, Buy Cannabis Wax Online, online dispensary shipping, 420 mail order, best online dispensary, buy recreational weed online, trusted mail order marijuana , buy legal weed online cheap,Brian Cannabis Dispensary,

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