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Super Silver Haze Rosin

  • $315.00$1,150.00
  • Type: Sativa
  • The level of THC content: 63%
  • The level of CBD content:  0.11%
  • Effects: Happy, relaxed, creative, euphoric, uplifted
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Product Description

Make the purchase of Buy Super Silver Haze online

You are offer to buy Super Silver Haze online. With this dispensary, you will get the highest quality products. This award-winning Super Silver Haze flower rosin was made by using the highest quality pesticide-free Super Silver Haze.  The flower were grown by Paradise Valley Craft Growers (Paradise Valley B.C.)

What is rosin?

Rosin refers to an extraction process that is accomplish by making the application of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from the initial starting material. The term “Rosin” originate as a method of making a product that is use to lubricate violin bows. With cannabis, this method is consider as incredibly versatile in that it can be use either with flowers or to clean up hash and kief into a full-melt hash oil. The result that can be found is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. If the process is execute correctly, rosin can rival the flavor, yield, and potency of other solvent-base extraction products.

Why has Rosin gained this much popularity?

One reason for the popularity of Rosin is that it’s a solventless technique. That means the process can be accomplish without making the use of any foreign substances. Instead, this process is accomplished with the application of heat and pressure in order to extract the resin from the plant. Other extraction methods make the use of light hydrocarbons such as butane and/or propane. Often, the mechanical system that is use for these processes requires a lengthy purge to remove the most safely. On the other hand, the only things that rosin requires are heat and pressure. It doesn’t require any additional cleaning.  So, you can get the final product completely clean and ready in just minutes. When making a compare to BHO (Butane Hash Oil), you will find these two products indistinguishable. With the process of rosin, you are getting shatter without any solvents. You are offer to buy Super Silver Haze rosin online. It’s one of the most popular rosins among the rosin users.

The experience that the users of SUPER Silver Haze rosin can enjoy

Silver Haze was the first seed strain that is able to deliver the full-strength haze experience in a fatter, faster and more compact form. This is created by making a cross between Haze with a non-dominant Indica Northern Lights. Silver Haze provides the users with strong but clear-headed Sativa effects. Introduced to Sensi Seeds, the Silver Haze gets its name from the massive amount of shiny THC glands covering the buds. The product comes with the quality to make the users feel happy and uplifted. If you are in search of a product that will make you feel relaxed and creative, you can try this one. It will provide you with a euphoric effect and will make you become happy. You are offer to buy Super Silver Haze online. Brian Cannabis Dispensary is offering you to buy the highest-quality marijuana online. You are offered to buy weed onlinebuy moonrocks online, buy hash oil onlinebuy shatter onlinebuy cannabis oil onlinebuy marijuana edibles onlinebuy weed wax online.

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